Software Development

Software Factory

LICENSIT CSP Control Panel & Automation

Cost Management & Billing

3 level multi-tenancy, whitelabel

BIBLIT Asset Management

Biblit is an Asset Management software, which centralizes and automates the management of physical and virtual IT assets.

Asset Inventory + Software Inventory + IPAM

Open system based on Connectors and Workers

Integration with System Monitor, Log Management, Antivirus and Anti-malware, Security and Patch MGM


Gestit simplifies the management of employee timesheets and gives complete control over customer orders.

Time sheet + customer management

Management of customer and employee records

Our working method

  • Analysis and drafting of User Requirements

    We listen to the customer and thoroughly analyze their needs, requests, impressions and opinions. We write a preliminary analysis document that will become the master document of any software project.

  • Mock-ups, Workflow and Business Logic

    Together with the customer, we design the logical flows of the software, the interfaces and the interactions between the various visual components and the business logic. We design the database by following the most up-to-date and modern approaches

  • Software Development

    It is the central part of the project, entrusted to our specialist programmers. The work is checked daily, the source codes always archived on GIT platforms. The code is periodically reviewed to ensure high quality. Automated testing allows us to produce software that is reliable, able to react to errors and provide the required user experience.

  • Go-Live

    In agreement with the Customer, we follow and support pre and post Go-Live, until the success of the project and the satisfaction of our Customer are achieved.


Work with us

Commercial consultant

We are looking for commercial consultants for the software area in order to expand the range of services.

Full Stack Junior Developer

Full-stack web programming enthusiasts who will be in charge of creating custom applications based on the customer’s requirements.