DBLC s.r.l.


Born in 2006 in the middle of the new economy era, DBLC has experienced at the forefront the spread of web 2.0 since the years 2006-2007, gradually riding the beginnings of the web economy and the digital economy. Valuable experience has been gained by satisfying customers in those economic sectors, between secondary and tertiary or advanced tertiary sector, launched under the impulse of the so-called digital revolution or strongly motivated to embrace its objectives. 

Founded by IT professionals with twenty years of experience, gained at the most important industrial companies in Turin. Right from the start, the goal was to make available and easily usable to small and medium-sized enterprises, the technologies and IT solutions that until then only large companies could know and afford to implement. Even today our dream is… make IT simple and accessible to everyone. 

Here below you will find the main certifications obtained by DBLC: