Cyber Security

Cyber security is the set of means, technologies and procedures aimed at protecting computer systems in terms of availability, confidentiality and integrity of goods or computer assets.

Cyber security involves technical, organisational, legal and human elements. It’s not just a matter of products and technologies chosen to protect themselves. To evaluate security, it is usually necessary to identify threats, vulnerabilities and risks associated with IT assets, in order to protect them from possible attacks (internal or external) that could cause direct or indirect damage with an impact exceeding a certain tolerable threshold (e.g. economic, political-social, reputational, etc…) to an organization.


Phishing Simulator

In today’s environment, social engineering attacks are prevalent and increasing. The human element is often the weakest component in a company’s security defense. We can easily conduct simulated phishing attacks to test employees’ security awareness.

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Security Awareness

IT Security awareness training is a key component of all employee training programs. We build robust security awareness training program for you. Training your end users helps to minimize the threat from phishing and other social engineering attacks.

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